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In general, all members of Jollity Club must abide by the rules & regulations. Any violations may result in the cancellation of your membership at the Club’s sole discretion. Members please seek parental consent if you need to. Jollity Club will not be held responsible for familal miscommunication.

By agreeing to the T&C, you agree to the following:

1. Members must provide true and accurate details when filling in the membership forms.

2. Membership is free and purchasing the FC tee is optional.Priorities will be given to those who purchase the FC tee, then open up to the other members.

3. Members must notify us of any change in particulars, such as home address, email address and contact number.

4.While we may use any form of contact from time to time, we will not sell your particulars to anyone.

5. Should you decide to quit the club before your membership expires, please notify us via email.

6. If u sign up for membership during our official recruitment in Jan/Feb, your benefit, but not necessary encompass, a welcome/renewal card and greeting card autographed by Joanne. However benefits can be changed without prior notice at the discretion of the committee. Note: In order to qualify as an official member, interested party must send in a completed membership form to jollity.joanne@gmail.com and receive an official reply from the committee. The committee has the right to reject any applicants which is deemed not suitable for this fan club and no reason will be given. Appeals can be made on a case by case basis and all decisions are final.

7. Points system will be implemented and 5 points will be given to Classic JOlliteers who renew their membership, not exceeding 1 year from expiry date.

8. Please note that if you quit the club for more than a year and wish to re-join as Platinum member, a fee of $20 will be imposed.

9. A rejoining fee of $15 to any platinum member who quits and wants to rejoin the FC will be imposed as well. For Classic members, it is $10. This is to ensure that our members do not take being members of the FC lightly. Regardless of when you quit or the duration, this token sum will be enforced as a deterrent. However pls note that you can only rejoin the FC once during the membership year.

10. Fans who have been given a place/ticket in any ticketing event and does not provide at least a 72 hours notice, FC points will be deducted - 2 for Classic members; 3 for Platinum members. Notice is to be provided to either the chairperson or secretary. Should any last minute notice be given of non availability to participate, after 3 times, he/she will be blacklisted from requesting for such tickets. Fans will be blacklisted if they request tickets from us upon confirmation of allocation of tickets if they don't turn up for the event. Points (to be decided based on each event) will also be deducted.

11. Any fans who do not register with us their names for any events and turn up unannounceed will not be given any FC points and will not be allowed to stand with the club or partake in group photo-taking even if they are in FC t-shirt.

12. Fans who join the club after the official membership drive and wish to purchase the Fan Club T-shirt, an upfront payment has to be made. There will be a 1 month grace period given and if no payment is made within that 1 month, the member would considered to have applied for Classic membership instead of Platinum membership.

13. Gathering verification: - a) We will email out invitations to all new members who join after the official membership drive and they must print out the invitation and show us. Invitation is non-transferable.
b) Members who join during the official membership drive must show their membership card.

14. All fans are to email in the following format as stated. All emails not sent in the said format will be deemed invalid. When they do not follow the format, 3 FC points will be deducted.

15. Once event/gathering emails or SMS have been sent out, members who are interested in attending, are encourage to register by replying . Please reply latest 3 days prior to the dealine.

16. Members who volunteer to pre-queue during events, additional FC points and early bird points will be awarded.

17. For events, pls note that once you have committed to an event that is chargeable, you will still have to make full payment regardless of whether u can or cannot make it. This is so as logistics would have been done. As such, please think through before u decide to submit your names. Ensure that you are able to make it for the event before you commit.

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