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Activities Platinum JOlliteers Classic JOliteers
1. Attending Public Events
3 3
2. Attending Fans Gathering
w/o Joanne
3 3
3. Email / SMS Response per
Event Notice
2 1
4. Participation in facebook Group
- 10 relevant posts/comments
- Photos per event
3 per post/
2 per event
2 per post/
1 per event
5. Early Bird 2 1
6. Participation at Events
- Hold boards
- Cheers
- Wearing FC tee for Platinum
JOlliteers and white for Classic
2 per category 2 per category
7. Accumulate 100 points within 1/2 year ( membership period) 3 2
8. Monetary contribution to the FC $1 = 3 $1 = 2
9. Participation at exclusive gathering 4 3
10. Attending ticketing events (Star Awards etc) 4 3
11. Attending overseas events (roadshow) 10 5
12. Etc, etc, etc... ...
a) organising fan gatherings
b) writeups on post-events thoughts
c) take turns in looking after belongings
d) voting for Star Awards
4) sending in birthday wishes for FC
a) 1 for ideas & 3 for organising
b) 1
c) 2
d) every 5 calls equate 2 pts
e) 3
a) 1 for ideas & 3 for organising
b) 1
c) 2
d) every 5 calls equate 2 pts
e) 2

Please note that if a time is given for reporting, a grace period of 15mins will be given. Jolliteers who arrive after grace period will be deducted 5 points.However, if you give us notice of the timing that you will arrive, the above will only count from the time which you state. That means, when we say meeting time is 1pm and you mention that you can only come at 1.30pm but arrive at 1.50pm will get 5 point deducted. If you did not mention the time (estimated) that you will arrive upon being late or if the event has started and you have not arrive, 10 points will be deducted. On top of that, last minute notice will get 3 point deducted.

*Bonus points*
those who intro their frens to join JOllity Club will be given fc bonus points..how to earn these points, simple.

1. get ur frens to join the club and if they join as Platinum members,
u'll get 10 points. If your frens join as Classic u'll get 5 points...

2. to ensure that he/she is ur fren, drop us an email stating
that XXX is ur fren

3. be it whether u'r fr Platinum or Classic, as long as u get ur fren to join the club, 10 n 5 pts will be awarded to u respectively

Every 1 fren of urs that join, u'll get the points accordingly, likewise the more frens join the club, more points u'll earn =)

Points will not accumulate to the following membership year. However, Classic JOliteers who renew their membership (not exceeding 1 year from the time your membership expires), 5 points
will be given as renewal points.

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