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2013 -
C.L.I.F2 警徽天职2
Love at Risk 爱情风险
The Journey: A Voyage 唐山到南洋

2012 -
Code of Law
Kawaii Style 哈日时尚风
Pillow Talk 再见单人床

2011 -
Activist journey 仁心侠旅
Love in a Cab 等一等爱情
A Tale in 2 Cities 乐在双城
C.L.I.F 警徽天职
A Song to Remember 星洲之夜

2009 to 2010 -
Your Hand in Mine 想握你的手
Carlsberg Telemovie

2008 -
The Truth 谜图
Beach.Ball.Babes 球爱大战
Little Nonya 小娘惹

2007 -
Happily Ever After 凡间新仙人
Making Miracles 奇迹
After Hours 追梦人生之四人组
The Greatest Love of All 爱.特别的你
Like Father, Like Daughter 宝贝父女兵
The Golden Path 黄金路

2006 -
Yours Always 让爱自邮

2005 -
A Life of Hope 活下去
Destiny 梦在手里

2004 -
Crime Hunters 心网追凶
I Love My Home 我爱我家
To Mum With Love 非一般妈妈
The Ties That Bind 家财万贯

2003 -
Nokia MMS Moments Mini-Drama – Romance

2002 -
Beautiful Connections 九层糕

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