Point list for December 2013 January 5th, 2014

Hi JOlliteers

For the month of November, We are pleased to announce the points of our JOlliteers have collected

1st in position – Platinum JOlliteer: Hui Si (15)

2nd in position – Platinum JOlliteer: Maggie (10)

3rd in position – Platinum JOlliteer: Yuki (10)

They are the top scorer and now the rest of the members score

0-5 points
Tanat: 5
Jessica: 5
Jaime: 5
Wan Sin: 5
Melissa: 5
Su Qing: 5
Janyssa: 5
Bernyce: 5
Rui Wen: 5
Hazwan: 2
Jemaine: 2
Wan Sin: 4
Edmund: 5

6-10 points
Maggie: 8
Su Qing: 9
Janyssa: 9

Jollity Club – Karen

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