Birthday wishes from the Jolliteers October 9th, 2013

From our Classic members:

Happy birthday Jollity. Wish that there will be more and more members

from: Chor Yong

Happy Happy 8th Birthday Jollity!! It’s been great so far. Had miss so much activities with all the Jolliteers, but I do hope that we’ll get to meet each other soon! May the bond of all the Jolliteers remain strong.

Best regards,
Sherlyn ^_^

I wish Jollity Club will grows even bigger as a family with more supports from its members. Looking forward for more events and gathering to bring every members closer with the star.
Happy 8th Birthday to Jollity Club.

Danny Lye

Happy 8th Anniversary ! Wishing that Jollity Club will grow stronger and our support for Joanne will never waver. All the best :)


Happy Birthday Jollity!
You are 8 now! 說長不長說短不短 😀
We’ll continue to support Joanne no matter in what times.
Hope that Jollity will become bigger and stronger!
All the best in the upcoming years ahead with Joanne and Jollity!

from: Lynde

from the Platinum members:

Happy birthday Jolliteers! And keep up.

best wishes,

We cant believe that Jollity will be turning 8 years old already. i wish all the best and hope more fans to support Joanne :)

from Hazwan and Kuang Ming

Happy birthday to Jollity Club! 8 years old already! Going strong & united still! All the best & continue the support towards Joanne! Once again,Happy 8th birthday Jollity Club!

From: James :)

Happy Birthday to JOllity! May it continue to stay strong and united for years to come, likewise may our love & support for Joanne persevere on :-)

from: Tanat

Happy Birthday JollityClub, many happy returns!!!

Love xoxo, amychua. :D:D

Here wishing jollity club success in everything they do and growing bigger and bigger each year huất ah

regards, Edmund

Happy 8th Birthday to Jollity Club. Wish Jolliteers all the best and happy forever

best regards

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