Birthday wishes from Joanne and the committees October 9th, 2013

Happy 8th birthday Jollity, thank you for all the great memories that I have with you all !


Happy Birthday to Jollity Club!! May Jolliteers continue to stay strong and unique for supporting our shining star, Joanne ~ And wishes Joanne happiness as well as having more great career achievements. Cheers!! :)


Happy birthday Jollity! May you grow in numbers and characters in the future and be a joyous family ^^

best wishes

Happy Birthday Jollity! Been 2 yrs plus since i joined! Jollity allowed me to know alot of friendly and fun Jolliteer! (: Just like Joanne’s character, I hope we can keep the spirit of jovial & cheerfulness going in the FC~ Also i would like to see more bonding from Jolliteers. Let our bonding be more strong and closer. (;


Happy Birthday Jollity!
May we continue to grow in strength and unity and show our support for Joanne!


a simple celebration, a gathering of Jolliteers, here’s wishing Jollity a FC with joy that never ends, a FC that lives up to it’s name – being lively and cheerful! Thank you Jolliteers who have been staying through with me all these years, i don’t have to mention names and i really appreciate it :) … Let’s continue to shower our love and support for Joanne, continue to grow and have more fun moments with one another.
Happy 8th Birthday Jollity :)


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