Birthday wishes from Fan Clubs October 9th, 2013

Dear Joanne and Jolliteers
Times flies and Jollity FC is one year older.
It’s not easy task and you guys are really wonderful all this while.
Happy 8th birthday, Jollity FC :)

Bingo – Xu Bin FC

Jollity Club 八岁了, Happy birthday to Jollity Club, 祝你fanclub越做越好,加油

周颖如颖随行 (Zhou Ying’s FC)

Dear Jollity Club
In a world that changes too often and commitment being a thing of the past for too many, staying together since 2005 for 8 years is no mean feat.
May this mark the continuity of you club as it has always been.
Cheers to your many cherished memories.
Happy Birthday.

Best wishes
Xinyi (RBKD – Rui En’s FC)

A happy jolly birthday to Jollity! May this coming years be joyful to u and Joanne! Continue to do what u do best and spread the love of Joanne to everyone!

Yverlasting Yvonne 湘秀萍踪 (Yvonne Lim’s FC)

Here’s a short and simple birthday wish from Kate’s FC: Happy 8th birthday to Jollity club!!! Continue to grow and shine as a united fanclub always for more upcoming years!! :)

Dear Jollity Club
Congrats Jollity Club for for being a successful 8 years! All the best and continue to be the shining star, Joanne!

Elvin Tian (Sorarity Club – Sora Ma’s FC)

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