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Can I not purchase the FC tee if I'm a member?
The FC tee is to be worned during events involving Joanne (e.g. Star Awards, roadshows, pre-recorded shows etc) so as to make for easy identification as Jolliteers. If you do not wish to purchase the FC tee, you may still join the FC and wear a white tee. However, priority will be given first to members with FC tee for exclusive gatherings and events that require tickets.

As a member, is it compulsory for me to attend all events?
No. We understand that you have your own commitments. We will always inform all members via email or sms on upcoming events. If you are unable to make it, (especially for exclusive gatherings/events requiring tickets), do inform us early so we can account for those turning up. We do encourage members to participate actively, otherwise, why join a fan club? :)

How come I don't receive any news/updates?
It means we are unable to contact you. Your email account might be full or you might have forgotten to inform us of your change in email address. Please remember to let us know if there are any changes in particulars by emailing to :, Thanks!

Can I quit Jollity?
Yes. Just email us to let us know. Members who have quit will not be able to attend events that require tickets or invited to exclusive gatherings. There will be no refund of membership fee of the FC tee. As our recruitment for new members is now throughout the year, you can sign up anytime to be part of our fun group. However, each membership year regardless of when u sign up will expire in February of each calendar year.

Can I rejoin back the club within the membership year?
Yes. We will be imposing a rejoining fee of $15 to any Platinum members who quits and wants to rejoin the FC. Classic members is $10. This is to ensure that our members do not take being members of the FC lightly. Regardless of when you quit or the duration, this token sum will be enforced as a deterrent. However pls note that you can only rejointhe FC once during the membership year.

Can I still join Jollity if I'm not from singapore?
Generally it is difficult for us to contact you via the phone or except you to turn up for events. You will not exempted from paying the FC tshirt if you want to be Platinum Jolliteers. We will be willing to review this on a case by case basis. Do email us at
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