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Privileges for gatherings, studio shows or events that require tickets will be given first to Platinum JOlliteers (priority members) then to Classic JOlliteers (ordinary members) so details will be sent to your email.

Membership application is open throughout the year. However, members must renew their membership at the end of the membership year if they wish to continue being a JOlliteers. Existing JOlliteers - simply send back the renewl application form. New members - simply send back the application form & purchase the FC tee to be Platinum Jolliteers while Classic JOlliteers just send back the application form.

**blog last updated: 05th January 2014**

**Gallery last updated: 05th January 2014**

Membership year

Below are some pointers on how our membership year works. The Fan Club operates based on the concept of Membership Years. Our membership year (M.Y) starts on 1st March to 28th/29th Feb the following year.

Generally, members who join during the official membership drive (lands in January/February) would be considered to have joined the club in that particular membership year and he will be able to get the FC tee (if he purchase) during the gathering. With the modification to the current system, any person who wishes to join after the official membership drive is still allowed, however the membership will also expire on the on 28th/29th of the following year.

E.g. Member A joined on 20th Feb 2012, his membership will expire on 28th February 2013.
Member B joined on 20th Aug 2012, his membership will also expire on 28th February 2013.

All membership expires on the last day of the M.Y (28th February) regardless when you join the club. When member quits the club for more than a year, or the membership expires for more than a year and wishes to join back as Platinum JOlliteer, $20 is payable for those who would like to maintain their Platinum status (priority member).This includes the cost of the FC tee.

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